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Orthopedic Surgical Drill Bit

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Orthopedic Surgical Drill Bit

Type:Common surgical drill bit,Quick coupling surgical drill bit,Special type surgical drill bit

Common Parameter:

Length Diameter:Customer Defined

Flute Length:Customer Defined

Helix Angle:17°/Customer Defined

Drill Point Angle:60°/90°/118°/120°/Customer Defined

Material:Stainless steel

1、Common drill:Most common drill,It is not much different from the drill bit we use everyday ,except the material is medical stainless steel.

surgical drill bit

2、AO Quick Coupling Drill Bit:

Multiple forms of interfaces:AO、Trigone、 As per drawings

surgical quick coupling drill bit

3、Special Drill Bit

Manufacutring according to your requirement ,drawings,samples。

special flexible surgical drill bit