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Application of five axis grinder in orthopedic instruments

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Application of five axis grinder in orthopedic instruments

Schutte five axis grinder is a classic tool grinder imported from Germany. Because of its high precision and excellent flexibility,it is very suitable for processing cutting tools with high precision and complex shapes in orthopedics. Typical products include dental drill, ankle joint file, femoral joint file, skull milling cutter, various joint milling cutters and other milling cutters with almost arbitrary shapes.

1.Dental drill bits

Dental drill bits are usually small in shape, with high requirements for accuracy and sharpness. The accuracy of our Schutte five axis grinder is 0.0001 mm, which can fully meet the requirements.

2.Ankle joint file.

Processing this kind of products will give full play to the flexibility of this grinder. The position control of the grinding wheel is more complicated, but it can be easily realized in Schutte  grinder.

3.Femoral joint file.

The calculation of the grinding path of the grinding wheel required for grinding this product is very complicated, and the software of this machine tool is very powerful. It can program the path specifically. The shape and position tolerance of the grinded joint file can be controlled within the range of 0.005 mm, and the edge is also very sharp. It not only improves the overall surgical efficiency, but also minimizes the gap between the joint implant and the organism, so to improves the implant strength and stability.

4.Skull milling cutter

The skull milling cutter has a very small body, but it often integrates a variety of cutting tools. Thanks to the flexibility of the software of Shute five axis grinder, it can combine the procedures freely, greatly reducing the difficulty of programming and improving the efficiency of programming.


Various elongated tools,such as cannulated drill bits,joint reamer. For the relatively elongated tools, Schutte  also has a targeted sixth shaft, which is equipped with a center thimble and a support system to deal with it efficiently.

Advanced equipment, skilled workers, rich manufacturing experience, easy to create perfect products.